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My Chelsea Hotel Personal Statement: It Was the Drugs

Is getting into the Chelsea Hotel harder than getting into an Ivy League college? Hotel honcho Stanley Bard says it is, according to the Hotel Chelsea Blog. But, as the HC Blog recently noted, "it sometimes happens, even at the best of schools, that the Registrar loses your transcript." Witness this recent discussion between Harvey, the manager, and a new 40ish tenant:

?I lived here for almost a year, and Stanley doesn?t even remember me!?
?We get a lot of people passing through here, you know,? Harvey said. ?And sometimes it?s hard to keep them all straight.?
?I was worried about that, whether he?d remember me.?
?Well, he let you in anyway, so he must?ve liked you.?
?Back then I was a drug-addled 18-year-old,? the newcomer said. ?Partied all night. Totally irresponsible. Never even paid my rent. Maybe I paid it once. Stanley kicked me out himself.?
· A Second Chance [Hotel Chelsea Blog]