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Extell Sniffing at Gehry's Sexy Lingerie?

Perhaps feeling the tides align against them?we all know that Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki don't want to go 0-for-2 on New York City stadium deals this year?Gary Barnett's Extell Development said that if they win the bid for the Brooklyn railyards they would resell a portion of the land back to modest publisher Bruce Ratner so he can build his little arena, but not, you know, that whole insta-skyline thingamajig. If Extell did this, they would be trimming one-third of the apartments from their tastefully-done development plan. Ratner, and we're paraphrasing here, was all like "I ain't havin' that." The MTA may vote on the proposals tomorrow morning. Duh, we'll keep you posted.
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