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St. Ann's Update: Condos to the Heavens?

In May, we heard rumblings about the condo-filled fate of St. Ann's church on 12th St. (a hooker-free zone? More later.). Today, a reader emails with a sort-of update:

I've heard from completely unreliable sources that Hudson Properties is trying to pass plans for a 34 story building. BTW, According to the demolition company, the plans include keeping the old facade of the church. I live across the street. Made it through vespers unscathed. Thought a priest could never fuck me up the ass. Guess I was wrong.Okay, so we've established that we'll go with "completely unreliable sources" as long as there's a funny kicker. Anybody got a marginally unreliable source? UPDATE: The Villager's got the scoop: Hudson is set to erect a 20-something-story building, maybe condos, maybe hotel, maybe community-facility. The church tower and facade may be saved, depending on zoning reqs. Locals are trying to block the project, claiming that the developer may have improperly gained air space rights from the post office around the corner. God knows how this story will end. Really.
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