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The Amity St. Horror

Apartment hunting on Amity St. in Brooklyn last weekend, a Curbed reader stepped in something. (No, not that.) Her story: "On Sunday, we traipsed through a large, but run-down and overpriced place in Cobble Hill. While I looked around and pondered how they could seriously ask for $2500 for the place, Alex suddenly yelped. 'What the fuck is THIS?!?' Thank goodness for camera phones:"

After the jump, the landlord suggests a workaround, and we peek at the listing:

Our apartment hunter continues, "I guess when you're building a brownstone in the 1880s, and you're a little short on the darker color wood, you need to improvise. We turned to the landlord guy and said, 'You haven't fixed this?!?!' He suggested that we could just put furniture over them. All four, in every room. And then he told us that there had been a number of Jews who'd looked at the place and 'seemed really bothered by it.' Yes. One would think.

"No, we didn't take the place. But on our way out, I told the guy to think about sanding it down and staining the gaps already. Either that, or try advertising in 'specialty publications.'"

She says she was shown the place by a small-time local broker. Fortunately, Corcoran's got the listing, which, surprisingly, makes no mention of the floors. There are (eerily lit) pics, though, and, yes, it seems as though the furniture is strategically placed:

· Listing: Amity St. [Corcoran]