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The Mellon House: Doing the Math

The Observer picks up on the proposed sale of Paul Mellon's "legendary" E. 70th St. townhouse, noting that the price per squart foot (about $2800 per, by our math) is $1100 more than Woody Allen got for his Carnegie Hill pad last year. (As a side note, Woody relocated to E. 70th St., where all the cool $20-million-plus crowd hangs out.) In any case, an observer told the Observer the age of $20 million is here to stay:

"We?re now going to begin to see townhouse sales over $20 million as a much more common thing,? said a high-end broker who is closely watching this property. ?Now there are nine bona fide single-family homes being listed at over $20 million.?Ah, perhaps a fun game for later: can we locate the whole gang?
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