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Walden's Woods: Fencey, Trashy

You remember The Walden, don't you? The Harlem "luxury condo" development criticized for lowering the bar on luxury? Well, in last week's Curbed Readers Write, a tipster had this to say about the building:

"An amusing thing -- in their rendering, on your website, they show trees and greenery, as though the building were facing a park. Hah! It faces a lot full of garbage and, one block away, another lot where all the can-collecting homeless people hang out and sell their cans. Have you ever seen them with thousands of cans in carts, rolling north through the city? This is where they are going."Dost thou speaketh the truth? It would appear so, based on these photos just submitted by a reader. Above, the fabulous park?razor wire just another fun playground feature, we assume. After the jump, an up-to-date shot of The Walden (editorial comments by photographer, not us) and a glimpse at Canapalooza.

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