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Bloomberg-Era NYC: A Developing Situation

The Architect's Newpaper takes the temperature of NYC development and notes the "development-friendly climate." To prove the point, ArchPaper takes a look at 43 current projects in various stages of development, from the Bank of America Tower (pictured right) to the Windsor at Forest Hills. The boom can be attributed to a number of forces, but the biggest is a pro-development City Hall.

As Laura Wolf-Powers, urban planning chair at the Pratt Institute, told the trade, "Under the Bloomberg Administration, the Department of Buildings has basically moved from the 19th to the 21st century, so it is much easier to pull permits. There is a new website where all that information is accessible. It used to seem like an insider?s game, in which you had to know somebody, or pay expediters, but that has changed.?
· All Rise [Arch Paper]