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The $20-Million Nine: Lehman Mansion

[Earlier this week, the new listing of the Mellon House for $26.5 million inspired some rumblings about the state of NYC's $20-million-plus single-family-home market (no co-ops or condos, please). And when a "high-end broker" told the Observer that nine such home were currently on the market, frankly, we were inspired. And so, today, we begin our grand tour through the remaining eight.]

We begin at the bottom with the former home of Philip Lehman, a 5-story townhouse in the West 50s off Fifth Ave. As if the finance pedigree wasn't enough, the architect, John H. Duncan, also designed Grant's Tomb and Soldier's Arch at Prospect Park. History, baby! The listing says the place retains "much of its original period details," which could always be code for "hasn't been updated in 100 years." But there's an elevator and central air, so somebody's been tinkering. Also featuring a "grand staircase topped by a domed skylight." Asking $20 million.

After the jump, the floor plan.

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