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Temperature Rising on E. Billyburg Condos

Walking along Montrose Avenue in East Williamsburg one fine day, a Curbed reader stumbled upon neighboring buildings hitting the condo market. A little research showed that the Halstead-listed spots in "Brooklyn's hottest enclave" start at $350,000 and top out at $595,000 for a two-bedroom. Peanuts in the age of the $20 million townhouse, right? Not to our informant:

Though I realize this is nothing by NYC real estate standards, I still think it might be a bit much for my own little corner of the wilds of Brooklyn. While I haven't been inside, I've walked past these buildings on a daily basis during the renovations and feel I can safely say that the Gretsch Building it ain't--spacious really isn't the word that comes to mind, unless they've done some serious rearranging of floorplans (and who knows, they might have). Furthermore, despite the fact that the listing uses the 'hood as a major selling point, as a two-year resident of the immediate vicinity I think I can also safely say the area is, ah, somewhat lacking in nightlife once you tire of partying with the PBR-guzzling illegal-loft-dwelling kidlets down the block or you're no longer twenty-two, whichever comes first.The day you tire of guzzling Pabst with the mesh brigade is the day you admit a small piece of your soul has died, friends. And besides, we're eyeing the advertisted central air in that two-bedroom listing, and right about now we'd sign over our first born just to get into an open house.
· Listing: 204 Montrose Avenue [Halstead]
· Listing: 206 Montrose Avenue [Halstead]