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The $20-Million Nine: 25 Rooms on East 67th

We continue our tour through the city's $20-million-plus single-family homes with a trip to mansion row on E. 67th St. In addition to a shit-load of rooms (sorry to be crass, but we run out of proper at 24), this place "features a glass enclosed 4 story atrium, a magical roof garden overgrown with ivy and climbing roses, a private terrace with outside fireplace, sophisticated and truly distinguished heating and A/C systems, soaring ceilings throughout, gracious moldings." Good God, even the climate-control is "truly distinguished." Redesigned in 1997 by the M-Group. Asking $31 million.

After the jump, the floorplan and the listing, if you must.

· Listing: East 67th St. Townhouse [BrownHarris]