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What the World Needs Is More Giant Statues

Pondering the latest salvo in the battle to build the tallest glistening shaft, blogger James Stamp turned his thoughts toward the trend he would like to see emerge in our cities' development. Here's what he came up with,

The answer, of course, was simple: Giant Statues. Not just big statues, mind you, but mind-numbingly large figures that remind us of the heroic potential inherent in the human race. I'd love to see every city construct a terrifyingly enormous statue. Think: the Colossus of Rhodes or the Statue of Liberty (relocated to the city proper). A sublime, anthropomorphic icon personifying the character and history of its respective metropolis. Located either at the city center of the entrance to the city, it would stand as an inspiring icon and, if Ghostbusters 2 has taught us anything, a potential defense system.
· The Next Big Thing [Life Without Buildings]