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Fresh Direct & Whole Foods Backlash: Who Ordered the Pizza?

The flame war over Fresh Direct is still ablaze at Apartment Therapy, where "I have no feelings about this and wonder why you are all so emotional about grocery shopping" is currently (at time of press) edging out "I have mixed feelings about it" and "I think it is all good" in AT's definitive poll. But it's the comments that keep the Grocery Wars deliciously bitchy, and there's no shortage of opinions on our online delivery friends?suddenly dragging Whole Foods' name through the mud along with them:

What is bizarre to me is that in a city with Balducci's, Zabar's, Fairway, Citarella, Vinegar Factory, Agata & Valenti, Jefferson Market, Dean & DeLuca, Union Square and other farmer's markets, and countless local markets, ethnic stores, Chinatown, Stew Leonards in the burb's -- ok, stop me now -- how can anyone give preference to Whole Foods and Fresh Direct??? Are you the same people who get your pizza from Domino's instead of a good, local NYC pizzeria???Jeez, why not just say, "Do you live in a Cobble Hill brownstone with swastikas all over the floors?"
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