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Rumblings and Bumblings: Don't Let the Light Go Out

1) East Village: "You know those excellent red brick German buildings on 2nd Ave between St. Mark's (note the apostrophe, please!) and 9th Streets? One is the Ottendorfer branch of NYPL and the other is an outpatient clinic for Cabrini Hospital. A long time local merchant told me that Cabrini sold the clinic to some developer to become, what else?, luxury condos. Is it true?"
2) East Village: "Could you pretty please tell me what the deal is with that ginormous institution-type building at 420 or 421 east 6th st. between 1st and Avenue A. It looks like an abandoned public school or something with an empty lot next door to it. There is also a light on one of the upper floors that NEVER goes out. Is this a ode to the Smiths or some city property that has yet to be forked over to developers?"

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