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Gehry's Insta-Skyline: The Insta-Reviews

Quick critical takes on Frank Gehry's new Brooklyn architectural dream...

1) "There are those - especially acolytes of the urbanist Jane Jacobs - who will complain about the development's humongous size. But cities attain their beauty from their mix of scales; one could see the development's thrusting forms as a representation of Brooklyn's cultural flowering." [Nicolai Ourousoff, NYT]
2) "Nicolai thinks that Gehry's sexy shapes will make this development not only different but actually better than other massive, misguided monuments to Mammon. And that's enough cultural flowering to make the whole town reek." [The Gutter]
3) "Ourousoff is right about one thing. This will be nothing like Battery Park City! While I find the whole plan hideous, ultimately success or failure of residential architecture is judged not by high-brow critics but by the people, who will vote with their feet. If Ratner can find people who wish to live in an environment this hostile to the street and the surrounding neighborhood, then more power to him." [Wired New York Forums]
4) "That Image reminds me of a Dr. Seuss City." [Gothamist commenter]