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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Rockefellers Sell

1) After shopping his Soho co-op around on the down low for $30 million, Rupert Murdoch is now letting the professionals handle it: Corcoran is listing Rupe's Prince St. palace for $28 million. Says the listing, "The apartment has 11-foot ceilings, teak floors, cast-iron columns, French limestone counters and a fireplace made of volcanic stone." Bet you didn't even know you wanted a volcanic stone fireplace until just now. Murdoch, of course, paid $44 million for Laurence Rockefeller's Fifth Avenue triplex back in May. [Forbes via Realty Baron]
2) Speaking of the Rockefellers and their Fifth Ave. mansions, David Geffen?The G in DreamWorks SKG?is buying the duplex penthouse at 810 Fifth Avenue that once housed Nelson Rockefeller's brood. The 5,000-square-foot three-bedroom has a private elevator, formal dining room, double-wide living room with two fireplaces and a 1,500-square-foot terrace. It was listed for $39 million by current owner John Foster, founder of NovaCare Inc. The Rock bought it in 1939. [Braden Keil/NYPost]
3) Kelly Ripa says living in the Hamptons is like being in Afghanistan. But with more Burberry-wrapped bulges. [Braden Keil/NY Post]