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Forget Manhattan, Brooklyn is the New Texas

Looks like all the kind coverage given to Bruce Ratner's Brooklyn arena project has earned the Times an inside look at the latest plans for the Atlantic Yards redevelopment, albeit a little later than the look that the Brooklyn Standard already got. How that rinky-dink little paper outscooped the powerful Times, we may never know. Anyway, a half-dozen skyscrapers and four towers are planned for the area surrounding the arena site?and 17 buildings are planned in total?making the poor Williamsburgh Bank Building (at left in this gloomy model) look like a forgotten hero or abused step-child or something. The ambitious designs would give Brooklyn what the Times refers to as "a dense urban skyline reminiscent of Houston or Dallas." Wow, Brooklynites, are you psyched? You dared to dream, and now you're on your way ... to Houston status. Congrats!
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