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It Happened One Weekend: Good 4th for Mall, Miami

1) The owner of the South Street Seaport is planning on taking over chunks of the soon-to-be-Bronx'd Fulton Fish Market and adding them to a reenergized mall. They've brought in Beyer Blinder Belle to figure out how, exactly, that's going to work. (Note to BBB: Our Gap cargo shorts better not come smelling like trout.) [William Neuman/Square Feet]
2) As more commercial buildings get nipped and tucked to achieve residential awesomeness, windowless and officey non-bedrooms are the leftover parts that have yielded a new breed of apartment: the not-quite-two-bedroom. The Times had a look at these tweens. [NYTimes]
3) Miami is the new Hamptons. [NYPost]
4) Yeesh, haven't you heard? Miami is the new Hamptons. What? You still haven't bought yet? Ugh, well, you can still live in these places. God, must we do everything for you? [NYPost]
5) Newlyweds try, try again in The Hunt. Their booty? A one-bedroom condo in the Waterford on the UES for $530,000. Ain't love grand? [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]