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Curbed Readers Write: Special Chelsea Edition

Readers react to today's Curbed foray into West Chelsea, particularly the first look at the Development Du Jour, High Line 519...

1) A Curbed reader emails, "Your Curbed correspondent doesn't have his/her facts straight. The High Line 519 development isn't being designed by Denari and it isn't on the High Line. It's one lot away from the High Line." Good to know. Clarifies another reader, "Just to be, well, extra picky, design at 519 West 23rd is Roy Co., not Neil Denari. The architect is Peter Himmelstein Architect PC."
2) Emails another reader, "From my broker regarding High Line 519: This is a new building in Chelsea, between 10th and 11th Avenues, beautifully designed. The first 2 apartments being offered (2 bedroom, 2 bath floorthroughs) are approximately 1700sf, at $1,750,000 and 1,800,000 (that is a good deal at $1100 psf.). Ceilings are 10ft3" floor to ceiling windows, beautiful finishes in kitchen and bathrooms, all very fancy fixturing."
3) Meantime, a few blocks away, a Curbed reader notes, "The parking lot on the north side of 21st between Sixth and Seventh (closer to Sixth) is officially closed today. As of this morning, a barricade was put up and construction looks like it is about to commence. As a person who lives right behind this lot, i can't begin to express my excitement at a years worth of contraction noise, culminating with the elimination of a great deal of my apartment's light." (Chelsea. Live the dream!)