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In Search of David Cross' Future LES Haunt

Regarding the news that David Cross is opening a performance space this fall on Orchard Street, Curbed readers have been emailing along guesses as to which space he's claiming. Writes one, "There aren't a lot of bars left on Orchard Street now, certainly very few with a stage and a bar in the basement. actually, that really cuts it down to one venue: 13 Little Devils, at 120 Orchard Street, between Delancey and Rivington. The only venue that would make sense, sort of, would be Slipper Room, and I don't think they have a downstairs bar, actually."

However, we're inclined to agree with Miss Modernage, who emails, "i'm pretty sure he's talking about Eleven (above). i saw him prodding around the place in early February during my birthday party and there were some mummerings that he was now an owner."
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