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Development Du Jour: High Line 519

Speaking of West Chelsea development, a Curbed correspondent emails the above photo from astride the High Line on West 23rd Street, noting that the era of High Line-related marketing has begun in earnest with new development High Line 519:

At 519 West 23rd in Chelsea, new condos on the Highline, designed by Neil Denari. Pics were shot this morning (I live 2 doors down). Banner went up over the weekend, they've been doing site work for a couple of months now, but not much happening yet. They also have a showroom across the street, and it looks like they are about to start selling (mockup baths, etc.), but I am not sure they've even finished their AG filing (I have some inside dope on this project but can't disclose, unfortunately).The High Line 519 website is a spartan affair, though mousing over the logo gives a ghostly view of the building's facade. Plans call for 11 floor-through condos, so we're expecting prices in the stratosphere. After the jump, more on-the-scene photos from our correspondent.

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