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Condos Ask Out 505 Court's Little Sister, Get Denied

Still bummed out by the no-good foreigners turning their backs on New York? Here's something that'll cheer you up: Another update on BoCoCa whipping boy 505 Court Street! Hooray! A resident writes in to update us on a 505-related battle going on just around the corner:

I'm a tenant at 505 Court Street, in Carroll Gardens, whose condo conversion you've covered in glorious detail. You may not know that our building has a sibling next door, 204 Huntington Street, a loft that is owned by the same investment team and is going through its own condo conversion. Well, *was* going through its own condo conversion. Tenants at 204 just received notice that the sponsor's condo application with the attorney general has been withdrawn, and the management company has already resumed showing apartments for rent there.Wait, that's it? No word on whether living there is like a cheap massage without the happy ending? Or if chunks of the ceiling are going to collapse on your head while making whoopee? Hmm, suddenly we find ourselves questioning your 505 credentials. For shame!
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