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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Not a Robot Lab

1) East Village: Regarding the old German buildings on 2nd Ave., a reader writes, "It's true that Cabrini has sold its Stuyvesant Polyclinic (pictured right) to a private developer, Evan Gottlieb, for a rumored $25 million (see early June Villager article). And it is true that this 1884 building will become condos - there goes what's rest of the 'hood. At least we can rest somewhat easy knowing that the facade is landmarked, so any changes to the building's exterior will have to get the Landmarks Commisson's approval." According to The Villager, the other building in question, the Ottendorfer Library, is still keeping it real. [photo via The Villager]
2) East Village: As for the "ginormous" building at 421 E. 6th, the rumor from New York Songlines ? "This building, which looks like a giant-robot laboratory, was actually built in 1919-21 as a New York Edison transformer substation--turning DC current into AC. Since 1980 it's been owned by artist Walter De Maria" ? was substantiated by a Curbed reader-cum-socialite. She writes, "This is true. I met him at a party and he confirmed."
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