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Hoboken's Cool, Except There's No QuickChek Anymore

Turn down that AM New York at the subway entrance again today? Bad call, says blog This Is What We Do Now. Inside, you would have found a choice Q&A with "retail employee" Steve Brown, who gives the skinny on his 'hood, Hoboken. Reports TIWWDN,

Within the first two questions, Steve manages to remind us he has a girlfriend multiple times; asserts that it's clearly unsafe to wander around Brooklyn and Manhattan at night because you will undoubtedly wind up in a body bag, yet Hoboken has no need for police officers because crime apparently doesn't exist in this magical little burg; and bemoans the lack of mom-and-pop shops because at heart, he's really a small-town guy. He also neglects to mention that he can't actually afford to live in the city because he's a 26-year-old who works in retail. Keep enjoying that PATH train, pal.
· Delusion, thy name is Steve Brown [This Is What We Do Now]