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Claim: Murray Hill Is 'The Thing to Do'

Murray Hill, a neighborhood whose particular delights have long been chronicled by blogger The IJC, gets a glorious 2700-word treatment in the Observer. If you've never stumbled through the hood, here's a quick taste:

"It's the thing to do. All of our friends live here," said a giggly paralegal named Lauren, 24, by way of explaining how she wound up living, and partying, in Murray Hill. Perched on a stool at a cheesy-chic sports pub called Bar 515, she was sipping Bud Light and gesturing like a girl who is used to making demands. "You have to make me out to be very skinny in your article!" she said.Those looking to join the Spring Break on the East River are advised to check in with Kevin Kurland of Kurland Realty, who places clients in such sought-after neighborhood megaliths as the Windsor Court. The time, of course, is now. Says Kurland, "This is when you start seeing the guys on the street with their hats backwards, with their T-shirts, and their backpacks, and their flip-flops. It's college, you know?"
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