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Ratner Adversary Crashes the Party

Will the sexy lingerie have to go back in the drawer? In a shocking development the likes not seen since Cablevision decided they really really didn't like the Jets, the MTA received a surprise second bid on the downtown Brooklyn rail yards. Extell Development head honcho Gary Barnett?a Ratner enemy who teamed with the Carlyle Group to snatch up Trumpland?worked with, get this, community advocates to draw up a proposal that on the surface seems very anti-Ratnerian. Like a poorly-costumed Japanese movie monster, Barnett wants to destroy the skyline, instead building a corridor of buildings that rise no higher than 28 stories. And that crazy kook doesn't want to seize any property or permanently close any streets to do it! Jeez, that guy will never make it in this city. Stay tuned for what is sure to be a bloody affair.
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