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Curbed Readers Write: It's About the Art

1) "FYI, 441 W. 21st is the townhouse being sold by gallery owner Paula Cooper so that she can move into Annie Leibovitz's London Terrance penthouse(s). (I remember reading about this deal in the Sunday Times real-estate section either this weekend or last weekend.) The ten-unit sculpture on the wall is by Donald Judd and the Rorhschach-shaped mirror on the wall is by Kelley Walker (a young artist she represents). Also, the semi-enclosed loft (see the windows in the picture) is very similar to the windows that allow her to peek down from the second-floor office into her main gallery space, which is just one block away at 531 W 24th."
2) Regarding the old Cabrini clinic rumbling, a reader responds, "The property could not have sold for 25mm? the property is zoned R7-2, which has an FAR of 3.44. Inclusive of the library (not accurate, I know ? just a quick calculation), the TDE (Total Developable Envelope) is 28,896 Sq. Feet. At 25mm that equates to $865 PBSF (Per Buildable Square Foot)? which would put the Mayflower Hotel sale to shame. The PPBSF is well over $1000 if you subtract the Library?s footprint (which is deed restricted and leased to the city in perpetuity for $1/year)." Shall we all meet at the Ottendorfer tomorrow afternoon to check the math?
3) "To confirm your socialite substantiation, take a look at the property record for 421 E 6th." Double substantiation! [Bonus: De Maria's 1977 land art "The Lightning Field" pictured above]
4) Speaking of our socialite source, she writes, "You're killing me with the socialite stuff. I met Walter de Maria at a 'party' where we were invited to watch the presidential debates when Clinton was first running, I think, because we both shared a friend with a big 20-something-inch tv. There were some cans of beer and maybe a bag of nachos. Socialite! You're just overeager to fill the void filled by Nan's demise. Wish I were your girl but I'm more of a can of beer and bag of chips kind of socialite." We thinks the lady doth protest too much.
5) And finally, some more props for Hoboken: "Yeah, my dad was on the Hoboken Police for 25 years. Hear some of the stories he's got, like the time they shot at a suspect after he shoplifted some asprin. Or the time some guy on PCP tore out his eye and threw it at the booking officer. Or, basically all of the 70's. Two words: race riots. There are more parts of Hoboken I wouldn't walk through at night than parts of Manhattan. And who pays the rent anywhere in the surrounding 50 miles with a retail job? Not unless he works at Tiffany's. That said, they have some great mozzarella over there." Stay safe, kids. East of the Hudson this weekend, okay?