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Nobu 57 Welcomes First Boldface Names

Design blog Unbeige dishes the dirt on last night's Rockwell Group party at the nearly-open Nobu 57 in midtown:

We're still reveling in the fond memories of last night's Rockwell Group 20th anniversary party at the new 57th street Nobu. One critic smoovely called the design "a little fast food"--in front of the space's project architect (niiice), while others, including investor Robert De Niro, Bob Stern, and Baby Satan, just reveled in the free sushi and fig martinis. Best part was the gift bag which included a piece of tile (um) and, wait for it... the Team America DVD. So worth the wait.Can anyone confirm that it looks like this? Because that would be awesome. Oh, BTW: soft opening for friends and family next week, opening to the masses on July 25, sez our colleague at SLNY. Speed dialers, start your engines.
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