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Tower of Bowery Update: It's Mari-time, Baby!

As long as we're dishing all things Bowery today, two Curbed readers write in to update us on the Tower of Bowery. Indeed, the green-clad beauty is not only gonna become a boutique hotel?it's going become a boutique luxury hotel! The two reports:

1) "It is in fact a hotel. It is being developed by sean macpherson and eric goode of the maritime hotel and park restaurant. I know this as a fact. I was sworn to secrecy last year. But fuck 'em." [Ed?right on!]
2) "I met with [name redacted] on a separate hotel deal a month or two ago. They mentioned they are doing a hotel on Bowery with the owners of the Maritime Hotel, Sean McPherson and Eric Goode, who I believe were the owners of Park before the Maritime. the hotel is supposedly going to be more upscale than the Maritime and also have strong food & beverage revenue. [Name redacted] mentioned that they were going for the Mercer business a bit." [Ed?this place is officially our new obsession. THOR, we hardly knew ye.]
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