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Final Rites for McGurk's Suicide Hall

More from the Bowery, and the old-school tenements falling to the Avalon Chrystie wrecking ball. A Curbed reader points us to Forgotten NY, where, as part of an excellent walking tour of the Bowery, there are great details about the famous (and doomed) 295 Bowery, aka McGurk's Suicide Hall:

Prostitutes looking for johns frequented McGurk's and engaged in a practice that gave McGurk's its nickname: a suicide craze. There were six in 1899 alone, with the implement of choice being containers of carbolic acid. Most of the women who killed themselves were teenagers between 16 and 18. Waiters came to recognize persons who might attempt suicide and formed flying wedges to eject the aggrieved parties before the deed could be attempted or completed. Notes our tipster, "Hopefully the building's ghosts will haunt the Avalon's architects."
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