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The Anthem: Why Aren't Commercial Tenants Singing?

Hey, speaking of Murray Hill and all its early-20something glory, you've seen the cloying ads for The Anthem, that gigantic development on East 34th between Second and Third Aves, right? You know, the cartoony drawings of young women sipping martinis and young men toting squash rackets that, as NYSonglines puts it, "suggest that it hopes to attract self-absorbed poseurs as residents"? Well, a Curbed reader has some questions about the place:

So we were hoping you'd be able to shed some light on why the retail spaces at the vile Anthem (34th bt 2nd/3rd) have remained unrented lo these many, many months. Is it, as we suspect, that the delusional landlords are holding out for "luxury" rents in a part of town (we hope) permanently backstopped against excessive gentrification by the tunnel, Bellevue and the Phipps Plaza and Nathan Straus Houses projects? Or is there some other force at work? Believe us: inquiring minds want to know.Oh, we believe! Commercial brokers in our midst, anyone got the scoop? Intel to
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