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The $20-Million Nine: Smells New, Looks Old

Why one would begin a listing for a $23.5 million, 6-story brownstone on E. 64th St. with the promise that the place is "newly painted" is beyond us. Seriously, is that your biggest financial worry when you're about to shell out a seven-figure downpayment? Perhaps when there's a "bronze and wrought iron" staircase and "six wood burning fireplaces" and "beautiful moldings" and more and more and more, the cost of tape adds up. As for the origin of this fine specimen, it was built in 1878-79; the facade was replaced in 1902 and restored with original detail in 1991.

[BONUS: A tipster says the last member of the $20-million nine belongs to a Bronfman brother.]

Today's decadent floorplan and listing, after the jump.

· Listing: 16 E. 64th St. [Elliman]