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Introducing: Curbed's Broker Boys & Babes Contest

Apropos of nothing except perhaps the dog days of summer, a Curbed correspondent emails:

Brad Kroenig is a broker at Corcoran who all my friends are obsessing over. He used to be a college soccer player and then a model and now he's "applying the ambition and dedication that brought him success in athletics and fashion to the New York real estate industry." Uh huh. We're not sure what is sexier, his only listing [225 Lafayette, $3m!] or himself.We've been following the Gawker Hotties the last few weeks, and can't think of a better use for a blog during the languid month of August than an event celebrating all that is only skin deep. And so: welcome to Curbed's First Annual Broker Boys & Babes Contest. Entranced by a broker you've worked with, chatted with, or just gazed at via the web? Send along his or her name, a link to their bio (and photo!) on the relevant broker website, and a brief reason why you're nominating them, all to (Anonymity guaranteed, of course.) We'll tally the submissions, then open up the most popular nominees for a reader vote. Winning brokers earn an inaugural spot in the Curbed hall-of-fame, and?who knows??perhaps even some hot, uh, referrals.
· Broker Profile: Brad Kroenig [Corcoran]