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Amity St. Swastika Wrap: Floored

In gross violation of Godwin's Law, the story of the swastika flooring on Amity St. mushroomed into a big old Metafilter clusterfuck this weekend. While we retire to the corner to weep for America, please enjoy this handy recap our coverage to date (we're aware. we are so painfully aware):

· The Amity St. Horror [Curbed]
· Amity St. Swastika Update: Lucky Charms? [Curbed]
· Amity St. Swastika Update: Ah, Right, It's 2005 [Curbed]
· Non-Offensive Hindu Symbol Spotted in Chicago [Curbed]
And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming, The Barbara Corcoran Hour, already in progress.
· More than One Way to Look at This? [Metafilter]