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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Judy Blooms on Lafayette

1) Regan Books matriarch Judith Regan is making her full-time home in Los Angeles, but she just snatched up a three-bedroom pied-à-terre in lower Soho/upper Chinatown for $2.74 million. The 129 Lafayette loft has a living room/dining area that spans over 45 feet, perfect for storing all those manuscripts you've been sending her. She'll get back to you, really, she's just ... busy. [Braden Keil/NYPost]
2) Sportscaster Bob Costas is ditching NBC for CNN. Well, not really, but he is moving into a condo in the Time Warner Center. He paid $4.95 million for a two-bedroom condo, which is a fully-furnished model apartment decorated by interior designer Victoria Hagan. The furnishings cost more than $500,000, and one room has a "leopard-print motif." Hmm, we always figured him to be a tiki motif kind of guy. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
3) Richer-than-you Broadway producer Terry Allen Kramer, who owns a duplex penthouse in Manhattan and a 44,000-square-foot shack in Palm Beach, is putting her Southampton mansion on the market for $35 million. The "Movin' Out" boss is neigbors with John McEnroe and George Soros, and she built the nine-bedroom house?which sits on 3.5 acres and includes 350 feet of beach?22 years ago. Lest you think that the theater pays everyone this well, Terry Allen Kramer is the daughter of investment banker Charles Allen Jr., the founder of Allen & Company. Ch-ching. [Braden Keil/NYPost]