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It Happened One Weekend: There's Gold in That There Creek

1) The Williamsburg and Greenpoint waterfront rezoning is the gift that keeps on giving, as evidenced by the rush for real estate along the polluted and stagnant waterway known as Newtown Creek, which defines part of the border between Brooklyn and Queens. Sure, it don't look like much now (thanks Newtown Creek Alliance), but repeat after them: "$750/sqft ... $750/sqft ... $750/sqft ..." [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) In a cover story on what to do with all your excess crap, the Post informs us that 3' x 5' basement storage spaces in Philippe Starck's Insanity Palace are selling for $7,500. We actually have no idea if that's a good deal or not, but if there aren't at least 6 chandeliers in those 15 square feet, we say pass. [NYPost]
3) Here's a classic with an interesting twist: Along gentrifying Monroe Street in Hoboken, a developer is creating a "mini-village" around two old factory buildings where some 70 artists have been slumming it. Another case of those crazy kids making a nabe cool before being booted out in favor of yuppies, right? Not quite. They're part of the marketing plan. [NYTimes]
4) Up above the Upper West Side in Hudson Heights, a couple attempts to trade up and and then narrowly misses getting trapped in the bubble. Five-part R. Kelly musical adaptation coming soon. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
5) When old slums become new hot spots, young hipsters and their grandparents can make beautiful music together. Affordable housing can cure any generation gap. [NYPost]
6) Keith Haring's Soho Pop Shop closing its doors after 19 years. Please attain your crawling babies and barking dogs elsewhere. [NYPost]