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Coney Island: Unleash the Malls

And now it is time to ponder a different sort of beauty, that of the beaches and boardwalks that lie at he southern tip of Brooklyn. Yes, another developer has stepped forward with plans for Coney Island, and?what?!?there's a giant mall involved. Throw in the designs of our shopping mall friends at Thor (no, not that THOR) and those of the the City, both of whom promise final drawings soon, and we have the makings one giant slice of middle America right there at the end of the N line. Now, we are aware of the battle to maintain the heart of Coney Island, and we support that spirit. But before we get too worked up about this latest affront to the integrity of our City's finest playground, please, let us all take a minute to study the picture at right and ask ourselves this question: aren't we already too late? [photo by Claus Guglberger]
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