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Broker Boys & Babes Contest: Any Minute Now

An email in our inbox: "Broker Boys and Babes? Where is it? You promised." Indeed we did. Rest easy: it's a lunchtime treat. Polls open at 12pm to vote for NYC's hottest male and female real estate agents. Meantime, for those itching to vote on something, Apartment Therapy is running the above poll. Every vote counts.
· Quick [Apartment Therapy]

UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon's featured broker boy, Citi Habitats' Josh Balog, has corrected the spelling in the listing we mentioned, prompting an angry reader email: "There are no grammatical errors in his writing. Curbed owes him an apology for not checking for themselves before you placed this article. Where are your editors?" Another correspondent fills in the backstory: "He may have found a dictionary and learned how to spell 'epitome'...or more likely, was told by his manager (so I overheard). However he still doesn't know when it's appropriate to use upper and lower case letters. How common." Still: whatta smile!
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