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Broker Boys & Babes Contest: Honorable Mentions

The polls are open in Curbed's Broker Boys & Babes Contest. But we couldn't not show off some of the runners-up, nominated by you, Curbed's readers. And so, in no order whatsoever...

Honorable Mention, Men: Douglas Lee, Citi Habitats ("I called him over the 4th of July holiday and I heard a baby in the background-- i assume he is not available?"); Bill Felix, Fenwick-Keats ("cute yet goofy haircut, but he looks like the type of guy that you?d like to curl up with the paper, a cup of coffee and healthy doses of snogging on a Sunday morning"); Jeremy Hamilton, Fenwick-Keats ("adorable"); Drew Glick, Prudential Douglas Elliman; Michael Shvo, The Shvo Group ("Don't tell anyone, but he's a really good guy"); Daniel Giove, Prudential Douglas Elliman ("The pic doesn't do him full justice and the profile makes me want to puke"); James Mathieu, Corcoran ("has somehow achieved minor celebrity status in Brooklyn"); Brian Paylago, Halstead; Property Grunt, anonymous broker/blogger ("I don't know his real name, but I know that there is a contest for leadership of The Property Grunt Fan Club. He inspires motherly, sisterly, and other genuine affection from coast to coast"); Alex Cesar, Eychner Associates ("this smooth talking lothario is to NYC Real Estate what fellow Brasilian Gisele Bundchen is to the world of Supermodels") ; Eric Porco, Fenwick-Keats ("look at that smile"); Michael Reed, Brown Harris Stevens; Tamir Shamesh, Prudential Douglas Elliman (shown, "1,000 times hotter than his photos, which aren't bad"); Noble Black, Corcoran ("all that and a law degree"); Kevin Dedes, Misrahi Realty ("not just because he?s my roommate and old college buddy. Well, actually, that is just why I?m nominating him.")

Honorable Mention, Women: Amanda Young, Brown Harris Stevens ("I think the picture speaks for itself. She's hot"); Maria Lopez, Prudential Douglas Elliman; Tracey McLaine, Corcoran ("She?s smart. She?s funny. She?s lovely"); Valerie Dominguez, Corcoran (shown, "beautiful and sultry, classy and professional, and speaks four languages!").

Thanks to everyone who sent in nominees. May the karma boomerang swing your way soon.
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