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Broker Boys & Babes Contest: Polls Open!

After a week of reader nominations, the polls are open in Curbed's First Annual Broker Boys & Babes Contest to determine the hottest male and female real estate agents in New York City. We received over 100 nominees, many of which lead us to wonder: what's in the water at Fenwick-Keats? While we ponder that, you've got until noon tomorrow to vote for your favorites, then we'll close the polls and announce the winners.

Male nominee agent pages: Devlin Elliot, Brad Kroenig, Fernando Luciano, Jay Overbye, Joseph Rinaldi.

Female nominee agent pages: Julie Hayek, Jacqueline Kabat, Stefani Pacé, Suling Yee, Ivana Tagliamonte.

Later today: Boys & Babes Contest honorable mentions. Tomorrow at 12pm: polls close. Then: winners!