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Broker Boys & Babes Contest: The Hottest of the Hot

And now, the moment the Stefani Pacé fan club has been waiting for, the announcement of Curbed's first annual hottest Broker Boy and Broker Babe. In the men's category, the race was tight up until the last moments, when grainy-photo actor Devlin Elliott of Fenwick-Keats pulled away from Corcoran's number 1 model Brad Kroenig to score a narrow victory. A look at the final tally:

Elliott's Fenwick-Keats brothers, Joseph Rinaldi (21.4%) and Fernando Luciano (10.9%) took 3rd and 5th, respectively, with Halstead's Jay Overbye (13.9%) sandwiched in between. We were going to reward Elliott with a peak at some of his current listings, but, alas, according to his F-K broker page, there are none. Hey, you can't have everything.

As for the women, well, it was never really much of a contest, as Stefani Pacé rode her seductive sideways glance to a landslide. Halstead's Ivana Tagliamonte, she of the "hot bod," was a distant second with 25.1% of the vote (to Pacé's 55.5%).

Elliman's Suling Yee (9.0 %) made a strong showing in third, followed by the Corcoran dynamic duo of Julie Hayek (7.0 %) and Jacqueline Kabat (3.4 %). Apparently, Curbed readers prefer brunettes. Who knew?

Dying to meet Stefani? She's got some listings for you, including this 950sqft, 1-bdrm in Murray Hill. Wondering what her apartment looks like? Well, provided there aren't two Stefani Pacés, it's right here (holy blog contest synergy!). Says an astute reader, "I should also note the picture of 100 pair of shoes in lucite boxes that lines a wall of her 250 sq. ft. place."

Thanks for playing, gang! And now back to our marginally less explicit New York City real estate porn.
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