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Broker Boys and Babes: Down the Stretch They Come!

The polls are open for 45 more minutes in Curbed's Broker Boys and Babes Contest to name the hottest real estate brokers in NYC. On the female side, one nominee is running away with the race. (Marvels a Curbed reader, "She used her pouty Playboy photo for her job photo!")

On the men's side, it's looking like a two-man race between Fenwick-Keats' Devlin Elliott and Corcoran's Brad Kroenig. Regarding Kroenig, a reader emails, "Did anyone mention that Brad is actually the number 1 model on" while an Elliott supporter notes, "He HAS to be the winner... just LOOK at the picture, it's not even completely in focus and you can still tell that he his HOT! Plus, he used to be an actor."

Actor and Model were tied at 132 votes each earlier this morning, but with an hour left, Actor Elliott has opened a slim lead. Vote now, or forever hold your peace.
· Broker Boys and Babes Contest: Polls Open [Curbed]