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Tribeca Poop Rumor Flushed

OK everyone, we're going to come clean on something. We knew it wasn't poop. Did you really think we believed that Corcoran would advertise a Tribeca condo with a sink full of the smelly stuff? Given the onslaught of emails, it appears that you did, and we're very very disappointed in all of you. Seriously, guys, almost two-thirds of us were absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt nearly convinced it wasn't poop. And of all the replies, we have to dole out some propers for our friend who labored over this photo blow-up. His hypothesis:

5 seconds of image enhancement makes it entirely clear that it's someone's pink sweater, not poop. Besides, if your tipster thinks it's normal for poop to be that large, they might want to see a gastroenterologist.Rest assured: it was our dad, and he is.
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