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Tribeca: Suddenly Shitty?

We've all been there, haven't we? Bored at work, browsing million-dollar Tribeca condos on Corcoran, skimming through the pictures on a place that looks pretty good and suddenly we're stopped dead in our tracks, asking ourselves, "Hey, is that poop?"

Well, maybe we haven't all been there, and maybe (OK, most likely) that's not poop, but a Curbed reader has an inkling?and if there's one thing we've learned around here, it's that you never deny an inkling re: #2. So take it away, reader:

all looks well enough, until you browse through the photos and find something startling about the bathroom. no, it's not the overwhelming sense of blandness - it's the fact that the sink seems to be filled with fecal matter. or sewage. or something brown that clearly doesn't belong in a sink... especially when the realtors are over to take pictures.Hey, a little poop never hurt anybody. Except Lenny Kravitz, of course.
· Listing: 303 Greenwich Street [Corcoran]
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