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Curbed Readers Write: Drunk Emails and Crazy Rumors

1) "In response to the drunk e-mailer dissing East Side Company Bar, he's totally missing the point. The place is for people who want a nice, private atmosphere and aren't obsessed with seeing or being near or spilling their drinks on The Cool/Hot/Famous People. The same goes for Milk & Honey. Remember one of Sasha's rules? 'No name-dropping, no star fucking.' Get a clue, stay away if you don't like it, and let the people who want that kind of thing from a bar appreciate it."
2) "Regarding the Court TV advertecture on King and 6th, a reader asks, "Uh, if you are renting an apartment, and building owner hangs one of those banners cover your windows, is that legal?? Aren't you leasing an un-obstructed window?? Is it even safe to cover wondows with banners...(fire code)."
3) On Stefani Pacé: "Cool that she won the Broker Babe contest, but a (not so) funny note - an earlier post mentioned her driving up to an appt. on a Vespa...When I brought my clients to her open house last week, both (!) of her arms were in casts, courtesy of a fall she took off the Vespa that broke both of her arms, and left her without memory for a week. I'm sure she's happy to hear of her victory, but mention of the Vespa as a qualifier makes it a Phyrric one."
4) More contest feedback: "You most definitely need to do the broker hottie contest for queers! Where are all the hot lezzie brokers?" It's a question we've been asking ourselves every damn day.
5) And, finally, a word from the depths of Columbus Circle: "i heard a rumor that the Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center was closing because there's a law that says you can't have produce below street level...sounds plausible?" Uh, no, it doesn't. But, hey, if Thomas Keller can abolish tipping, anything's possible in that little mall.