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Unsolicited LES Nightlife Reviews: Balls, Murray Hill

Friday night is imminent, kiddies, so it's about that time to start making plans with friends and acquaintances. Need suggestions? Well, a reader thinks you should probably avoid one particular Lower East Side watering hole:

dont go to east side trading company. i know its old news but i went there tonight and asked the bartender if cool people wnet there. he asked what cool people were. i said not abunch of fucking losers like this. that place sucks balls HUGE. milk and honey made a mistake no one will ever go there exfcept stupid analayst assistants from murray hill. fuck those people. really, LOTUS has a better crowd then these assholes.It's worth noting that our enraged tipster is so worked up, he neglected to mention that the actual name of the place is East Side Company Bar. Now that's rage. Also, please note this email came in at approx. 3:40 a.m., so it looks like?despite the crowd?the bar did the trick. Have fun out there, everybody!
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