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Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left To Lose

Bad week for Freedom. First, we learned that Shine vs. Childs, the Freedom tower copyright infringement lawsuit, is really going to trial. Now comes word that the International Freedom Center's place in the WTC's cultural building is on shaky ground, at best. The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has asked the Freedom Center, and the other prospective tenant, the Drawing Center, to re-submit their intentions to a panel that will include family members of Sept. 11 victims. Neither seems likely to pass muster. Among the requirements is a stipulation that the institutions "'never present anything that might be offensive to the families' of 9/11 victims," reports the Times' David Dunlap. Meanwhile, the Snohetta printer/copier/fax design for the building (see above) seems safe, albeit 30% reduced. [UPDATE: Blogger Miss Representation reminds us that he was humming Janis Joplin downtown back in June. ]
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