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Doctoroff Still Jonesing for West Side Convention Space

We thought "convention space" was just something politicians say when they're trying to get expensive stadiums and Olympic bids financed. But it turns out Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff was serious. Two months after his sports dreams died, Doctoroff tells Crain's that building a convention center atop the West Side rail yards is priority number one. But with plans for the Javits Center expansion already under way, Doctoroff is once again coming up against opposition from the state, which controls the project.

"I have no objection to expanding south, but we're certainly not going to change the plan now to expand to the north," says Charles A. Gargano, chairman and commissioner of Empire State Development. "It's fine to showboat, but they have to tell me how we would pay for it."
Hey, we know! How about a Stadium?
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