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Whole Foods, Acting Strange, Tries to Stop This Photo

Thanks to our extra-alert produce patrol, we've pretty much ruled out the crazy rumor that the Time Warner Whole Foods is shutting down because of its underground fruit (see Food Emporium on 3rd Ave and 30th Street, Gristedes at 460 3rd (32nd St), etc.). But something fishy is going on down there, as blogger Joe Schumacher discovered when he tried to photograph a free gelato in-store ad (see above):

I didn't have paper and pencil with me so I took this photo to remember the date. As I did so, a Whole Foods employee ran over to me saying "No pictures! No pictures in the store!" That's his blurry hand on the left. He said the store has a strict no photo policy and "they" might have to throw me out of the store. I asked why. Because it is store policy I was told.Okay, time to show off again people: harboring gelato underground, kosher or no?
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