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Sculpture for Living: Curvaceous Outsides, Jagged Insides

Anyone else want to crap on the Sculpture for Living, Gwathmey's shiny tower on Astor? Yes, someone does. A Curbed reader writes,

The "Sculpture for Living" is one piece of art that wouldn't pass any collector's inspection [rimshot. -ed.]. I was inside the building (still months from completion, especially the lobby) over the weekend with a developer for a little preview. Besides the clock on the south side, which completely ruins any view from the east side condos, what struck me was how bad the drywall/plaster job was. I've never seen anything like it. Corners are rough and jagged, often more than a few millimeters off from being straight. Most of the living spaces need some serious touch-up work after the major construction is done, but even that is only a cover-up of the shoddy original job. Really pathetic.

Doesn't anybody understand modern art anymore? Such a shame. [photo above via Fink Tank 3000.]
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