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Brooklyn Gone, East Village Going

Tough weekend for New York, eh? While the sun was trying to bake the place into the biggest, crunchiest cupcake of all time, the rest of the country was plotting how to steal whatever remnants of identity the city has left. It started when we received word of the apparent Brooklynization of Philadelphia, the meaning of which we're still not quite sure (they've got musicians, sure, but wouldn't a true Brooklynization involve at least a little Texasification?).

There was little time to ponder the shocking and sudden defection of the borough, though, because Mark Advent, the mastermind behind Las Vegas' New York-New York resort and casino, took some time out from his busy schedule of dirt-kicking to update us on his "East Village" project for Sin City. Explaining to the Times that his vision?including a scaled down Washington Square arch next to a meatpacking district and near a diamond district?is "not an exact replica," Advent displays a blind faith in New Yorkers that only a precious non-New Yorker could possess. "I know New Yorkers will want to hang out there," he says, before adding, "We're even going to have the same horse-and-carriage experience as Central Park." Lest this not be enough to convince you of the mall's authentic New York feel, don't worry, they're thinking about bringing in a Ray's Pizza.
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